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Default Re: Interface for 5.1 editing

Originally Posted by simonchase View Post
I currently use an MBox 3 Pro for 5.1 surround monitoring

Looking to replace with a USB 3 (not thunderbolt) alternative.

The Pre Sonus 1810c is definitely the front runner.

The Zoom UAC-8 also looks like it might do the job.

One big volume knob on the front is definitely a plus which rules out a few already mentioned.

And the firefaces seem a little pricey given the competition.

Also USB 2.0 seems a little old school - is that an unfounded worry?

Any other newer interfaces?
Hi, thereīs a large gap between your two options and the RME Firefaces obviously.

Me personally would recommend you the original silver Apogee Quartet as its got everything you are looking for (except USB 3).
Itīs got one big volume knob with a lot of additional functions included, 6 analog Outs, very high quality converters, a still reasonable
price for the studio quality and a very simple and logical hardware surface where you can operate many things easily without having to
use the software app.

Even the Apogee Maestro software is one of the clearest and most simple ones on the market if you need to use it then.

Itīs still USB 2 and its not the newest piece of gear on the market but itīs really a good one, kind of timeless tool. I had one myself before
I had to downsize my whole studio. Even if I am really happy with my UA Apollo interface now I still would recommend the Quartet to anyone
looking for a high quality interface between $1000-1500.-. Great hardware design, simple to use and really pro studio audio quality.

Its still one of the very best interfaces in this price range.

On the lower end of the price range you can find this one which still has 6 analog Outs and one big volume knob.

I have to admit though I don't know much about this guy. Its USB 2, quite versatile, has many Outs and routing options and it theoretically
should work with Pro Tools.

There are two other USB interfaces which are offering great audio quality for still under 1k and which will come with 6+ analog Outs as well.
...Steinberg website under access at the moment...

Both will provide you professional, studio audio quality you can rely on but none of it got a hardware control surface with one big volume knob.

Finally let me say that if you had an Mbox 3 Pro before you better should not go with the Presonus or the Zoom but invest a little more.
You might not downgrade in regards to audio quality/converters at the end of the day.

Anyway. That's my personal opinion only of course.

The best of success to you whichever interface you decide to go with finally.

Cheers, VRW
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