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Default Time lag when toggling bypass groups

My work flow depends upon being able to disable groups then re-enable them fast. In the last version of Eucon I was able to do just that with the Dock's Soft Switches under the iPad. We use an S6 in the same way. Using the Dock there is now a lag (sometimes up to 3 seconds) on Eucon 9.5. We can't work as fast we need to with that lag.

The above along with losing the ability for the S3 to remember where it's banked using Layouts slows work flow enough to consider going back to 2018.10 with an older version of Eucon.

We have just started adjusting our workflow with Eucon 9.5 and have found issues with closing Pan and Send windows as well. I'll post work arounds if I find them.

Anyone else having similar or other issues with the new Eucon? We would have stayed on the older version of Eucon but PTs 2019.5 UI gets bogged down with earlier versions.
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