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Default Firmware Win7/10 PT10.3.10 HD2 PCI-E TDM D96IO

Just built a second Win10 PT HD2 10.3.10 TDM system, and plugged in a pair of 96I/O's to test it.

When the PC is powered off, the two 96I/O's do different things. One gives me an orange LED around the power button, but nothing else; the other seems to reflect its powered up state, with LEDs all over the place lit.

Digitest shows that the firmware on both is v4.9, yet offers me the intriguing opportunity to update it to v3.0 on one of them... Odd!

The HD2 system is based on PCI-E version Accel Core and one Accel card, so I wondered if it may be linked to the revisions of these cards, much less Digitest itself (I used the version packaged with HD v10.3.10).

I am keen to understand firmware and upgrades from Digitest little better, if anyone can shed some light?
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