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Default VEPro - Aria - Multi not working the way I think it should in PT9

Hi - I know I could ask this over at the VSL forum but I suspect something with my PT9 setup is causing the problem.

I have a project with 3 VEPro instruments. When I open an instance of VEPro and add the Garritan ARIA Multi as an instrument, it seems to load correctly however I can not assign analog output channels. The only option is 1/2 and the others are greyed out. I tried both 32 and 64 bit VEPro server with 32 and 64 versions of Aria Player and I swear it used to work before. I even have a project I worked on a year ago that is configured to route these outputs to AUX tracks. So I'm pretty certain this worked before.

I created a new project with only one instrument - VEpro and problem persists.

Further trouble shooting with same Aria DLLs in VSTHost - works. I can assign all the channels to their own specific Analog outputs.

Anyone have any ideas?
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