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Default Original mbox 2 pro light won't come on

I use mac / 003 mostly when at home but I have a pc that I edit on . I was using usb devices like the micro b/c I don't need ins and outs when editing but today I say an mbox 2 pro for sale for $100 so I bought it . But when I plug it into my pc the light doesn't come on . I plugged it into my mac and it works fine ( without power supply ) . I plugged it back into my pc and it seems that my pc won't run the device off of its power like the mac did . I didn't plug in the power supply b/c it did not come with one . So I guess my questions are
1 . Does anyone know of an issue where with pc you need power supply ? If so , I'll buy one tomorrow . But thats what it seems like . My laptop won't juice it.
2 . I'm running PT 9 and I installed the latest driver but is that wrong ? Do I need to uninstall PT 9 1st before I install new driver ?
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