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Default Re: Avid video track

Hey Garret,

No I have not seen this problem any where else.

There are two types of movie tracks in Pro Tools 7.2, Avid and QT. It is possible to have one or more of each in the same session at the same time.

Assuming you have Mojo or V10 video hardware on your system, a newly created video track defaults to an Avid video track (record button is present) but is actually determined by what kind of video files lands on the track first.

If you digitize video to it, it becomes an Avid video track and you will see the Avid "A" logo next to the video track name. QT video will not work on an Avid track. You can drag it on to an Avid track but it won't playback.

If you drag a QT file onto a new track, it will be a QT video track with a little QT "Q" next to the track name. Avid video will not work on a QT track.

The type of video tracks these are has no effect on the next video track(s) you create with in the same session. You will be able to digitize onto a new video track as long you don't drag a QT file onto it first.

Hit the Online "O" button on the video track you want to use and start digitizing video.

One of the benefits of multiple video tracks in Pro Tools 7.2 is just this. You can have one ore more Avid and/or QT video tracks in a session and neither affects the other.

So, start digitizing but on a new video track.

Also, let's not confuses the term "track" with "clip". Clip is a piece of video, there can now be multiple QT video clips on a single video track in Pro Tools. PT 7.2 also allows multiple video tracks, each containing multiple video clips, if you want.

Hope this helps,
Jon Connolly
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