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Default Re: Does anyone know how to put Eucontrol into Mackie mode?

Eddie (thx) replied in another thread....

when you go to Control Panel in Win10 in the top right there is a "view by" option, and that needs to get changed to Large Icons, then the Eucon Control Panel icon is in there and you can add MC apps. So many hours searching for that little nugget, praise the lord!

RME Totalmix I don't think is MC compatible (I maybe wrong), you can however control it by midi but it needs quite specific midi messages, I'm not sure there is that amount of midi programmability with Eucon. I had an old Kenton midi controller knocking around which I setup just to control Totalmix. It works well, there's no 'pickup' but for my needs its perfect and runs smoothly. Or an ipad with RME's app would work also, expensive option tho.
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