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Default Pro Tools Duet stops working randomly


About one year ago I switched from my old macbook pro to a newer PC. I worked flawlessly with my Apogee Duet in mac. So decided to sell it, and get a new Pro Tools Duet for my new PC.

It has been working perfectly until date but now the situation is terrible. While working with my DAW, the Duet randomly appears to "disconect" from my PC. I mean, I even got info messages from my DAW the same as if I just pulled out the USB wire. It doesn't matter if I'm working with DAW, or just listening to music in a player. It just stops working, even sounds like if I pulled the usb wire...

I thought it might be a bad USB connection, and tried with different USB wires, and also different USB ports of my laptop. Solution seems to work, but after a few days, it starts "disconnecting" again. I don't want to do this anymore because I'm afraid I might be breaking my pc usb ports with a faulty usb wire. And both wires I've tried are apogee/PT manufactured ones.

I am very annoyed by now, if this is a hardware problem, it showed up just after the warranty ended. And it really looks like a hardware problem.

┐Does anyone have the same issues? ┐Any solutions please?

If this is useful info: I'm working with windows 10 and Ableton Live. I also took a look at the PT I/O control and everything looks normal. But when it "disconects" is like no interface was connected. As I said, looks like HW problem.

Thank you very much for your help.
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