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Default Need opinions: Do I have Core card problem or computer problem?

I'm sure some of you have experienced this. My computer (G5 dual 2.0g) kept shutting itself down. I thought the computer was toast. But then when I removed the PT cards, it seems fine. So, I put the Core card in and BAM, computer won't even turn on. Remove Core card, powers up just fine. Core card back in. Computer won't turn on. Remove Core card. Powers up fine.

So, here are some questions...and maybe some of you have answers/suggestions.

1) Would you suspect the Core card itself or something in the Mac that is making the computer shut down when there is a card in that slot?

2) Do you think I should try putting in an Accel card and trying it? (I'm worried about hurting cards)

3) Do you think I should try the Core card in another slot? (If it worked, then I would know that there's something wrong with that slot on my computer.

Thoughts? Does anyone have experience in this? It's weird. I presume it might be a problem with the Core card...does Digi fix these things? Does anyone have experience in cost of repair or turnaround time?

Thanks everyone!
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