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Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post

But what do you mean exactly?... The Avid supplied 002 driver you installed is likely to either install and work totally or not. It's not likely to only become a two channel device. What does the Mac's Audio MIDI Setup app show for the devices? (post a screenshot of that if it is easier).

What shows up in Pro Tools Setup>IO might be a two channel device even if everything else is working OK. But that's just confused IO settings. Make sure that the Playback Engine selected is really your 002 and then Default that IO. (delete all the paths, then click the Default button on each tab in Setup>IO).

If you 002 is not working at all then Pro Tools will likely default to using the Built-In output as the Playback Engine and that can show up with only two output paths. And it might be possible say they end up with names that make you think your 002 was actually working and only two channels. Always explicitly check the Playback Engine is what you think it is... so easy to trip up when that changes.

HI folks, Darryl I found the problem and it's the firewire chip in the backplane. Going to Mac forum to see If there's a way to recover the Rom if the ports are not fried. THANK YOU.
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