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Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
Here is a suggestion. Stop trying every version and try one that is absolutely claimed to work with your 002 and debug what is going on carefully.

Is the 1394 LED lit up on the 002? (The Firewire interface chips blowing up on the 002 those is not uncommon... hence my previous warning about not hot plugging those). Try swapping cable etc.

You would likely be so much better off here if you had a modern interface. Have you looked at what Focusrite and Presonus and others have available?

Doing a fresh install of Lion, with the correct 002 driver supported 10.3.3 (9.0r3).
The 1394 is lit, the power sequence in the manual seems okay. Mute/Sample rate lit.
Trying a different cable.
I had struck a deal back in March, a AESe16/Aurora16 combo. dude could not ship it due to lock down in Ohio at the time (CRAZY). Refunded my money and we will try again soon.

[QUOTE=JFreak;2573881]Also google the infamous 002 power harness issue. If the unit does not work you may be able tonfix it yourself
I heard about the harness years ago, but it has power.

I have my Digi 003 console and trying to get this one fired up for a drummer buddy of mine, but no biggie.

I really appreciate you guys for being patient, THANKS
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