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Originally Posted by basslik View Post
Thanks folks, will read. Janne I tried every installer version. Perhaps the 002 itself is faulty?. I was assured it perfect working order and it literally looks mint (BRAND NEWISH). Was informed was used rarely for financial training recording. Will research and read a lot and get back to you great folks with my findings, thanks.
Here is a suggestion. Stop trying every version and try one that is absolutely claimed to work with your 002 and debug what is going on carefully.

Is the 1394 LED lit up on the 002? (The Firewire interface chips blowing up on the 002 those is not uncommon... hence my previous warning about not hot plugging those). Try swapping cable etc.

You would likely be so much better off here if you had a modern interface. Have you looked at what Focusrite and Presonus and others have available?
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