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Default Re: Are we not due an update??!!

Originally Posted by Akiz View Post
Define slow. Slow as the 2019 release fiasco?

Slow development, can be applied in a model like the previous one, where Avid could take all the time they need, to release the new version with added features, bug fixes etc.
User had the choice to upgrade or not, depending of how attractive the new version is.

When the model is, grab the cash in advance, giving no clue of what to expect next (development wise), under deliver or deliver nothing at all for 6 months (half the annual fee gone) .....then no....they don't have the time luxury to be slow.
Better hire more people, get some voodoo gods in play, work their ass off to make it happen......i don't is their problem to solve.


Very fair, I think so too.
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