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Default Re: Best System for PTLE for under $1000.00

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:<HR>Originally posted by mjames08:

Do you use the tascam controller with PTLE???

Yes, I do. I have had this (US-428) for over a year now. It's only uses for me are as a S/PDIF input to the computer at mixdown (S/PDIF coming from my cascaded pair of Yamaha AW4416's), a monitoring audio output from the computer when editing / mastering (in Sound Forge) and as a fader controller box - and in JL Cooper CS-10 emulation mode, it works GREAT with PTLE.

As I said, there's been some problems reported on the Tascam forums with using them on AMD systems - especially those with VIA chipsets.

STU, I have a 933 MHz PIII right now, and it's pretty fast - I was able to get up to 20 tracks on the "davec" test, and while that does indeed ROCK, it's not nearly as impressive as the 24 + 18 that some of the top Athlon XP systems are getting. That's why I'm considering a full upgrade on my system. Why? Isn't 20 tracks with 5 plug ins each enough for me? Well, you'd think so, wouldn't you... but try some Bomb Factory or other heavy CPU hog plug ins and you may feel differently. Personally, I couldn't care less WHO makes the parts, as long as they are 1. reliable 2. compatable with my stuff (Digi 001, US-428, current software) 3. reasonably priced. To me, it sounds like that system at the top of this page meets all those criteria, and I for one am thankful to Allen for sharing the info.
Phil O'Keefe
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