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From another tread on the DUC
Originally Posted by pablotec View Post
You can uso following programs:
- Data Rescue II
- FileSalvage
- StellarPhoenix 3.0

I recomend you DataRescueII to find audio files and FileSalvage to recover sessions reels (you must to add this file format (.ptf/.pts) manually in the program prefs) .

When you deleted audios from a HDD you need to know:
- Never write in the damaged/deleted volume!!!
- Use a second drive for recover files

Because we are using audio files and in some cases are loger than 100Mb, you need to "modify" basic setup of recovery engine of DataRescueII to make "visible" to the program this files.
Go to:
DataRescueIIreferences/scan engine/filemodules/audio
The program can search all audios formats except SD2 (if you are using SD2, you will need FileSalvage, because you can add unknow files to a search engine).
Select the audio format that you are searching and modify the "maximum file size" to 2000Mb
Search in the volume deleted audio files.

You can try all programs before buy it, you can download from respective manufacturer pages.

Pablo Medrano
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