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Default Patch bay problems

Ok guys I got hold of a warm audio 1176 and want to patch it in so I can use it on anything from vocals to bass. Iíve tried to do it but with no success yet, hoping someone here can help.

The equipment Iím using
Behringer patchbay PX 2000
Warm audio 1176
Tech 21 RBI

I record bass on analog input 5 in all my ProTools sessions

Iíve connected the RBI and Compressor together to make sure it all works and it does. Now when Iím Iíve hooked it up to the patchbay it doesnít work??

Instead of me trying to explain my signal flow Iíve drawn a picture. Patchbay slot 1 is set to normal and patchbay slot 2 is set to open

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