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Default Re: Low Latency Monitoring in Standard Pro Tools 9?

Originally Posted by Dism View Post
Correct. The best solution for achieving low latency in his situation would be to lower the buffer as far as it will go. Usually, 64 is low enough to not be heard.
Actually there are not many individuals that can hear 128 latency (@44100), most will be fine with 256 and almost every artist has trouble with 512 setting. If you can do 64 setting it's as good as HD.

Even if you had HD and "zero" latency, it would in reality most likely be in the ballpark of 64-128 samples because we almost always use some extra processing while tracking (and it builds up very fast).

As a rule of thumb, people cannot tell if something is 10ms off. Give or take a few milliseconds, but that's it. Even most digital keyboards have about 5ms latency from keypress to sound output and no artist complains that their device has "+200 sample latency". And digital reverbs too, ever heard of anyone complaining that their reverb has too much delay? Just don't tell people there is a latency and they're fine with it
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