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Default Re: Control Surface For Protools 10 Mackie Pro Control or Avid Artist Control

I was fortunate to happen up on a slightly used Euphonix mix controller a few months ago at the local Samash store.

I was able to talk the guy down to $599 - a little less than half off :)

BUT . . . i've really had a time with the unit being recognized when I first boot up. I have determined that if my air wi-fi is on it will generate a conflict / error message every time. Then I have to open the euphonic software and select the controller manually from the available list - - every time.

The only time that the controller is automatically recognized on boot up is if the wi-fi router is down.

Can't seem to find any solution for that issue either.

Other than that it seems to work pretty well with PT-10HD.
Main System MBP 2016 (touch strip) 16G Ram.

I own a PTHD 11 which I still use on a native system in main studio (not sure if is worth the $ for reinstatement)

Doing most of my mixing work in PT 12 vanilla.
OS X 10.12.6
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