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Default Re: Arturia servers down?

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
Pigments2 is not included in the V7 Collection which we just bought 1 week ago ... typical BS!
That is so sad on Arturia's part. I know you don't frequent their forums but I do and this is a huge bone of contention from those who have been part of the V Collection for years. The only reason I can think of (and understand I'm NOT apologizing for Arturia) is that Pigments is not a model of any real hardware synth. It seems like Grenoble (that's Arturia's HQ) wants to keep the V Collection just emulations of real synths (and make extra bucks).

But that doesn't excuse what they're doing. Right now I'm eligible to get Pigments 2 for $49 US being based owning VCollection 4/5/6. You may want to check to see if you're eligible for that same discount. I don't own Pigments (yet) but I'm going to give it some demo time. Hopefully I'll like it more than when I demo'd it when it originally dropped. Will it give me any more than Falcon 2 and Avenger.

That brings up something: Avenger just updated to 1.5 and they've gone to Codemeter copy protection. AND they're not telling people looking at it on their website. If you want the heartburn on that there's a thread here where TNM is all po'd about that.
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