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Default Re: Brent Heber's ICON Bootcamp video tutorials

Originally Posted by Brent_Sydney View Post
Gday Jack, Thanks Chris,
I cant really comment on your connection but I can tell you I don't get many (if any) complaints along these lines.
Let me know if I can help troubleshoot in some way if you have no luck on other connections.

Since I'm posting, any requests for more tutorials on ICON specific topics?
I've nearly got my new room finished and can get back to more PT topics shortly.
Brent (and Chris):
Thanks for getting back to me. Local speeds are pretty steady at the 20 meg range for downloads. I'll have to see if there's some way I can log the network speeds over an extended period to see when there's a better time to watch. Anyway, like I said, if I switch to HD off everything clears up on the audio, and I can see the video okay which makes it okay to deal with. More when I know more.
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