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Default Re: i9-8950HK Compatibility

Originally Posted by MixerGuy View Post
any news about this now? in Dec 2019

I ended up going with the i7-8850H because of the issues mentioned above and I'm very happy with it so far. My MacBook Pro handles excessive mix sessions with >120 Tracks and lots of CPU heavy plugins as well as a lot of virtual instruments with ease.
I think they kind of fixed the heat issue with the i9-8950 by just throttling it's performance. The newer 2019 model is supposed to handle this better, but I can't tell you more about this than what they say in their advertisements. If I had to make a buying decision right now, I would go with the 16" 2019 model for sure, but as I said, I can't complain right now about my 2018 model.
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