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Default Re: No Sound When Editing MIDI

Originally Posted by Meinzi View Post
Hi, I'm running Pro Tools 10 with (up till lately) no problems.
But just the other day I started getting no sound when editing MIDI.

MIDI tracks still record in and play perfectly, but are muted when grabbing them when editing: to alter velocity, or to generally move around.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

Might need a bit more info to help you on this one. Are you recording MIDI to a MIDI track or an instrument track? If a MIDI track, is the MIDI out directed to the correct VI to play?

When you record your MIDI, I presume you mean you're recording something you're playing on your MIDI controller to the MIDI or instrument track? When recorded and you hit play, does the MIDI track play the part correctly on the correct VI?

When you edit, are you using the MIDI editor screen?
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