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Default unfiltered audio Lion questions

For those who follow/buy from Plugin Alliance they have unfiltered audio's Lion for sale/demo. I downloaded the demo a couple of days ago and it is an interesting synth for all kinds of weird sounds at least as represented in some of the patches. Something that is driving me nuts is lack of support for MIDI cc7 for volume control. I know ua dropped direct MIDI mapping for automation in favor of their macro system because of the complexity of some plugins like Byome and Triad. And that's carried over to Lion.

I can map what amounts to their output level control to a PT automation lane by way of the usual mapping of parameters in a plugin used in PT. All well and good - maybe. Is there any way in PT to remap cc7 messages coming from the volume pedal connected to my Motif 7 to the automation lane I'd be using for output level control for Lion?

I have a support ticket into Plugin Alliance on this; it's been a couple of days but as usual PA's tech support is slow. There's no direct way to get in touch with ua as their support goes through PA.
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