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Default Re: i9-8950HK Compatibility

Originally Posted by anotherone View Post
Hi there

I need to make a decision on which MacBook Pro to buy.

Is there anyone with some experience with the maxed out MacBook Pro 2018? Can I expect i9-8950HK to be supported in ProTools 2019? Or is it safer to go for the i7? I already made the mistake once some time ago to choose the fastest CPU with a Mac that was never supported by ProTools and that performed worse than my older computer.

I am aware of the ProTools 2018 / Mojave situation.

Many thanks
The issue is cooling. The slim Macbook isn't able to keep temperatures down which causes the CPU to throttle. It hardly every reaches its speced turbo clock. Many tests show it performs even worse than the i7 in certain workload situations. From the info I gathered when looking into it, people recommend the i7 over the i9. Plenty of videos on YouTube about that topic.

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