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Exclamation Could not allocate memory for the disk cache. Try lowering your disk buffer..

hi guys! I've never used Pro Tools before, now I've just got it and I cant launch it because of this error:

I'm running Pro tools HD 10.3.0 on windows 8 Pro 64x, during the installation I chose HDX (to be honest i don't even know what it is lol), and the interface that i'm using is ASIO4ALL

I tried to:
uninstall it and re-install it, but It won't work
I tried to install it launching the setup as administrator, but it won't work
I tried to delete the preferences, but it won't work
I tried to clean the log using CCleaner and then install it again aaaand.. it won't work!

how can I fix this problem??
the error says: "try lowering your disk buffer (DAE), disk cache size, or engine voice count" ook but.. how?
Does anybody know how i can resolve this error?
thanks in advance
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