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Default Re: Oddness with PT|Control

Originally Posted by michael c View Post
Installed new ProTools 2019.5 and the new Eucon version and have some odd things going on with the PT|Control ap.

Love that you can scroll to tracks, but it disables the 'play' on my spacebar Mac keyboard. It also won't let me highlight a track in the Edit window or Mix window on my studio monitor; it makes that track I click on jump to the top of the Edit window but it doesn't highlight. If I click on a clip now in my edit window (on my studio monitor with a trackball) it makes that clip jump to a different selection.

None of the tool selector short cuts work on the Mac keyboard; you have to use a trackball or mouse to select things.

So if you use the PT|Control does it make your Mac keyboard unusable if that particular thing is available on the Ap?

Kind of confusing? Or do I have it set up incorrectly?


Did you install Eucon 19.5? Should be available at your Avid account.
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