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Default Re: PTHD 9 VS PTHD 10 Question

As RTAS & TDM fade away, you'll get a lot more mileage today with PT10 than PT9 - but PT10's limitation of running 32bit only will prevent you from running plugs ins that are 64bit only.

Nonetheless, many modern plug ins continue to run on ProTools10, "latest version" plug ins I have right now on PT10:

iZotope RX7
iZotope Nectar3
iZotope Ozone 7
iZotope Vocalsynth
Fab Filter Pro Q3
Fab Filter Pro L2

Plug ins that I tried but did not work in ProTools 10:

Eventide Blackhole
Waves OVox
Waves Omni Channel
Quiet Art WaveRider 4
Quiet Art Waverider Tg

Current versions Waves plug ins don't seem to want to run in PT10.

I can't vouch for every company, but so far everything I've bought from Massey McDSP and SoundToys has worked in PT10.

If you're running PT9, I would up it to PT10, it's still what I run the most.
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