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Default Re: CPU Overload error for Pro Tool SE 8.0.3

Ok, so we suffered with this same stupid error for about 8 years with the older versions of ProTools… and this month dropped HUNDREDS MORE, taking an hour to get our PT 10 software registered (ridicules reg with ilok BS) just to find THE ERROR IS WORSE THAN EVER!!!!

AVID SUCKS, PRO TOOLS SUCKS… always has…. Seriously going to post this and see if an AVID tech solves this issue then if not we're off to a competitor music program.

Had the same errors on Mac G4's, G5's about 5 computers total… We thought the "new flashy fancy ProTools 10 that is said to be God would have solved this stupid error, like you'd expect on a 1994 computer "trying to do too much error"… CPU overload ??? are you serious??? in this day of multiple CPUs and advanced management… obviously a programming error….

My opinion as not only a lifetime MUSICIAN, but I've written and sold computer programs… way back to the original Macs… AVID is lying about ProTools capabilities… Maybe if it is now, and always has been OVERLOADING YOUR CPU… maybe just maybe PT SHOULD NOT HANDLE 40 channels of audio… Maybe call PT 10 what it is…"THE DIGITAL EQUIVALENT OF A FOSTEX 8 CHANNEL RECORDER… CIRCA 1986…."

Sorry, AVID, I don't slam many products and companies… but after shelling out HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS and sitting here for hours playing 1 bar and getting an error, THE SAME FREAKIN ERROR I"VE SUFFERED THROUGH WHILE USING PROTOOLS EVERY MINUTE FOR MY LIFE!!!!!! This I would expect on a COMMODORE 64 COMPUTER, Circa 1982…

PRO TOOLS 8, 9, and 10 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

Fix it… idiots.

*** OH and before I get some lame email from AVID telling us to try the buffer, CPU, limits, settings… DUH!!! NO KIDDING , have tried every combination plus sticking the mouse in my ear…. sitting upside down chanting the Dalai Lama's prayers…. Why don't you coffee addicted, screen mesmerized geeks try using your program on the AVERAGE GUYS COMPUTER before selling it… Oh did I mention I'M PISSED FOR PAYING MORE HUNDREDS OF $$$ FOR THIS PIECE OF CRAP PRO TOOLS 10 BS????
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