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Default Core Audio not working with standalone app

Hello! I’m trying to run a stand-alone app with Core Audio but the inputs aren’t receiving signal. I’ve got two 192 I/O’s and using the first 1-8 inputs of the second 192 as some of the channels 1-8 on the first 192 I/O have been wonky. I set the first 8 channels on the first 192 as channels 9 thru 16 and on the second 192 the first 8 channels I’ve set as channel’s 1 thru 8.

Could this be the problem? I ask because Core Audio is just showing Inputs 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8 in the apps global setup page. Output 1-2 is working fine(can see level meters in app) but input isn’t working although I can see the leds on channel’s 1-2 working on the second 192’s front.

Anyone know how to get this working? Thanks in advance!!
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