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Default Re: Mbox Pro (3rd Gen) Discontinued?

Originally Posted by Wcutta View Post
I wish there was some kind of upgrade path to the Quartet for us Mbox 3 Pro owners (even if it was just for the hardware.) Just looking at the specs it seems as if the Quartet crushes the Mbox. Come upgrade time I know I'm either going Quartet, Apollo or one of those new Focusrite boxes I've been hearing so much about
I am an Apollo nut however we just ordered a Focusrite 4Pre X and can't wait to hook it up with one of our HD setups. It sounds extremley great although pricey.

I would send you to the Clarett Series. You get a LOT for the price and those boxes sounds awesome for that money. Not much can beat the Clarett for under 1500 dollars. Just an idea and i am sure you will love that box. Same preamps and internals in all of the Clarett series so look at them if you want a really good new product for much less than the Quartet.
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