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Default Re: S3 vs Two S1's

Well I will add that the S3 has a more expensive feel. Quite a lot better feel and with a Dock and iPad it is a Super killer setup. The S1 will replace the aartist series which was the budget line of Avids controllers and the S3 is still a much Higher end unit so thats not a good comparison! ... sorry! The S1 will be around 1000-1200 USD and the S3 is 4-5 times that price for a reason.

The S3 has built-in 4-input, 6-output AVB Core Audio interface to connect your studio, Record vocals and instrument performances through two high-quality XLR mic/line inputs and two TRS line inputs. And connect studio speakers, headphones, and other gear to four line outputs and one stereo headphone output

Now the S1 will be the budget line of the Avid line of controllers and the S3 is still a much more high end unit.
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