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I have a DControl 32. It is by far the best product Digidesign ever created in my opinion (and I have owned most everything since 1999 inc ProControl, Control24). The most comprehensive tactile integrated controller - most knobs, dedicated PT buttons and simultaneous visual feedback. The EUCON products are designed to be more generic across multiple DAW products. That has its compromises. The ICON does not. I believe there will be years more direct support for the ICON then even when it is dropped directly, indirect support will most likely continue - much like ProControl users have under PT10. That product was dropped around 10 years ago.

There are over 4000 ICONs sold. At the high end of the market to users who matter and continue to spend. While Avids focus may be on their Euphonic investment going forward, the ICON is still the ultimate for a PT ITB mixing experience. If you want a hybrid outboard / ITB experience with great DAW integration then perhaps System5 / EUCON is the path. But it is too soon for Avid to abandon ICON - in fact it is still featured in their latest brochures. I think it's more than safe to say there is a good long life left in the product - I have voted that way with my $$. I hope AVID continue the dedicated high end surface support. ITB mix is prevalent and here to stay. Avid's profits may benefit more from the Hybrid path, but that is a limited view. And not forward looking. I am more excited to see what they can do to tempt those of us already at ICON and fully ITB. System 5 def ain't it.
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