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Default Re: Horn Sample Libraries


We use Mojo Horns and it is good, Not great but indeed good and sounds really authentic as it is real sampled instruments. We also use NI Native Instruments And use Session Horns €99 (Love ' em), Session Strings €99|199|299 and Action Strings €299 which have alot of really nice orchestral samples in high quality. Also I know a few here on the forum talks about LASS (LA Scoring Strings) but I believe they are quite expensive and think they run over $1000 but listen to Session Horns to start with at:

We love them and you need their free sample player and it can be d/l at the same website.

This is just our sample packs we use for orchestral stuff and there are probably alot of other great VI's out there but check them out if you haven't yet and all those nice sounds for €99 is a real bargain :)
Good Luck and hope it helps a little bit
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