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Default Re: Insert changes not showing up (Logic Pro X)

I sadly have had this same problem. I have an iMac Pro running OS X 10.14.6 and Logic Pro X 10.4.6. The Avid Control and the Dock really do not work with Logic at all. I have tried everything: different networks, the iPad camera ethernet adapter, restarting Logic, restarting the iPad, turning them on in different orders, etc.

It really would be nice if this works. The Control app with the Dock is a joy to use when it works, but sadly, after a lot of effort, it really does not.

This might be an Apple bug or an Avid bug, but since this issue has been around for over 2 years, Avid really should stop advertising the Dock as compatible with Logic. It is not, at least not right now.

I have reduced almost all my plugins to just built-in Logic plugins because I am tired of spending so much time on plugin management, device logistics and compatibility. The goal is to create and mix great music, not to manage plug-ins and devices. And the Logic plugins work great.

I am going with the Behringer X Touch and will see how it goes. It is not nearly as nice as the dock, but I just need it to work. If anyone finds a solution once and for all to this problem, I would go back to the Dock.

Perhaps Avid should just build a Mackie Control version of the Dock. It seems like Mackie Control is solid in Logic compared with EuControl.

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