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Default Re: ProTools 12.8.1 and Digi 003 Console

Yep Djangologist, thanks for replying back.

I hear you with Avid support, but it's an EOL product and at some point Avid needs to cut things off. But...

1. The Mojave microphone security issue has nothing to do with the 003, it affects all interfaces using Mojave. Mojave is still not officially supported and that's such a black-eye for Avid, even more reason I wish support would have pointed you at this KB article (and fine, also say Mojave is not officially supported)...

2. And I at least wish they suggested asking on DUC

You do need to be careful with future macOS updates because of the lack of official support with the 003. I don't have a 003 but if I did for future upgrades I would be checking things out here on DUC first to see what other folks have working or not before upgrading.
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