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Default Re: ProTools 12.8.1 and Digi 003 Console

@ Daryll,

You're right, should be more specific here and was about to respond in more detail... BUT, following on from @Southsidemusic and your advice... basically, it seemed to be resolved with this:

Make sure "Pro Tools" is checked in Systems Preferences > Security & Privacy> Privacy > Microphone

Thank you all for the advice!

PT customer care (unsurprisingly) were not helpful at all with this. Which is a shame, as if it still works, and if people have the hardware, why not advice them as best they can? They can always just say "try this" with the caveat, that it's " though no longer officially supported". I asked them what i asked you guys and they said:


Thank you for contacting Avid. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The 003 is not compatible with Pro Tools 2018.12 and for Mojave because we have already ended the support/update for the 003. There are no more updated drivers for it. It's either you upgrade your interface or downgrade your OS and Pro Tools.

Here is a list of approved audio interfaces.

Best Regards,
Avid Customer Care | Audio Post & Pro

But thanks to your advice this seems to be working. I haven't tested the ins yet but it is reading all the all the automations and all the controls seem to work.

For other users who come to this later.

I'm running PT 2018.12.0 with MacOS Mojave 10.14.3 I downloaded the driver, 11.1.5. - the driver interface showed that PT recognised the hardware but nothing beyond that (maybe the drivers software was working in the background?!!?).

Then I just followed the advice above:
Make sure "Pro Tools" is checked in Systems Preferences > Security & Privacy> Privacy > Microphone

Then checked back in to setup > hardware > Avid 003

Then Setup > playback engine > Avid 003

Note, i do not have the driver UI open.

and now it all works.

Thanks again!!!!
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