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Default Re: How to setup dialogue reverb for surround?

Originally Posted by mgoorevich View Post
First of why .1? The dialog never carries any information for the Lfe channel.
I personally create 5.0 or 7.0 Aux and insert multichannel reverb on it e.g Exponential Audio Stratus Surround reverb.
Originally Posted by audiograce View Post
Really? Never? I have had many occasions to use an LFE channel for "monster" dialog or other processed dialog. Just my 2.

Has anyone told Ben Burtt that he can't put Jabba The Hutt's voice in the LFE (baby boom) for Return of the Jedi? When was that released? On The 12th of Never?

Like Todd, I've used it for monster dialogue and even for "devilish" characters.
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