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Default Long time no see

Hey guys I just saw I havenít been on here for three years, hey!. Sorry if this has been covered a thousand times but Iím a little out of sync with PT and this forum too. Problem is I donít have a lot of time to search through posts hope you donít mind me creating this thread (apology over).

Tomorrow I need to open a session and run it from an area with no WiFi and poor phone coverage (no hot spot). The past few times when Iíve tried to open PT it tell me that license manage needs to refresh the subscription. When I connect to the internet it seems to update this and PT opens up. However if the WiFi then gets disconnected the session closes and itís frustrating. It would seem that PT wonít run without an internet connection. Iíve tried loggin o to avid jade everything looks up to date. I donít really
Understand the license manage for ilok. Any pointers?


Lloyd x

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