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Default Cannot get PT12 to read Orion 32 input/output

So I have been using my Orion 32 with Cubase 6 for a good year and a half without issue on a pretty burly Windows system a friend put together. I thought it might be time to switch platforms, so I bought a used PT12 license from someone to give it a sort of test run and get my feet wet a little. It seems to install without issue.

When I open it, I get an error window about having to change my ASIO settings as there are no inputs/outputs available or something like that. I open what I hope I am remembering correctly as a hardware window/menu. I click the ASIO setup button and it currently shows the Orion 32 enabled for input and output. However, whenever I touch anything in there, I get an error message and it crashes.

Have I overlooked installing something? Any ideas? Pretty stumped.
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