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Default digidesign hd system help

As Neil said....I agree with all of it....but

If you want to go that route you have to go all In..... HD7, magma chassis, and fully commit to the old's not without its benefits (what's the spec 1.8m/s latency)

But you have to buy a bunch of gear, you can't do any real work with a HD2 or HD3 imho - max that sucker out and get HD6/7 and go all in....All TDM plugs and tons of 192's

It's a great environment to work in, but it does have its own limitations (mainly close to zero native power compared to today's standard)

But you have to ask yourself "is that what you need?"

if it fits what you need then there's nothing like it

Also the PCIE cards have more DSP power than the PCI-X cards
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