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Default Problem Detected with Audio Clock

Hi guys,
I am running Pro Tools 10.3.1 on my new Windows 10 computer. I am using a Digirack 002.

A few weeks ago, I worked on a short film with this exact same setup and everything worked swimmingly and I got it done, no problems.

So today, I got a documentary project that will be due at the end of August and, of course, now my setup is having issues and I and pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the problem is.

The session appears to be in 48K sample rate and, at first, when I opened the project up, the light indicating the sample rate wouldn't change over to that from 44.1 and when I tried to play it I got the error message "Problem Detected With Audio Clock. Check that your clock source and sample rate are correct."

After some sleuthing, I determined that my computer was trying to use the digirack for system sounds and that was the reason why it wouldn't switch over.

So I went to preferences and changed the default audio player *from* the digirack *to* my internal sound card.

Now I open pro tools up and the light switches over to the 48K light. Problem solved, I thought!

Except it wasn't. Although the light switches, when I go into pro tools and try to play the project, I still get the error message "Problem Detected with Audio Clock. Check that your clock source and sample rate are correct."

So now I'm thinking, "Hey, maybe it's just this project. Maybe I need to get new OMF files or something."

Now I open up the short film project that *was working not two weeks ago with zero problems* and now IT won't work either.

What am I doing wrong, guys?

Thanks for your help!

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