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Angry Re: GG (-6085) and (-6088) Demon strikes again

The problem is still there whenever i hit play, I will provide a sandra report tonight. I did not changed my hard drive bios settings, but i had changed my audio drive from an IDE80gig to a SATA100gig drive which was when i got the first -9129 error. The -9129 error changed back into the -6085 or 6088 error the second after i made my previos post... The only difference between the 2 drives, is with the new sata200gig drive i get about 1 bar of normal play until the audio suddenly staggers and the stops with the error. Is it possible my fire wire card is no good? it worked perfectly fine in my older computer with PT 7.4. I also tried it in different pci ports with no difference. The older drive errored immediately on playback


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