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Default Re: GG (-6085) and (-6088) Demon strikes again


I changed the older 80Gig audio drive to a new 200Gig sata drive and noticed the H/W Buffer error didnt occur til about 4 bars in which suggested i increase the buffer size, which i increased to 2048. Now at 4 bars in i get a new error

*Audio processing is conflicting with other CPU tasks. If this occurs often, reducing the H/W Buffer size in the Playback Engine Dialog may help prevent the problem. (-9129)

The only thing left i think is to try change the harddrive BIOS to ATA instead of ACHI? ACHI was the default
Does anyone know if this may be the problem?
The hard drives are not configured as RAID
And ive seen no warnings about incompaibility with ACHI...
There seems to be no option to set either of the sata drives to DMA
I think thats an IDE drive option only

WARNING, in bios sata operation that if i try switch AHCI to ATA that my system may no longer boot

So i didnt go ahead with that yet...

12am at night..
In some random hard drive q/a webpage it says:.
In addition to checking the BIOS if dma is not available, you can also check in device manager under "Hard disk controllers" and make sure that you have the IDE controller and NOT the ATA controller. If you have the ATA controller you will need to Update the hard disk controller driver to the "standard dual IDE controller".

I notice in the device manager its set to ata not IDE but thats cuz its not an IDE drive right???
I mean is any of this s### even relevant?

Any further help appreciated


Brand: DELL 9150
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Computer: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM
System Drive: 300GB Sata 7200rpm (ACHI)
Audio Drive: 200GB Sata 7200rpm (ACHI)
Hardware: Digi002 Rack

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