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Exclamation Problems with MIDI in 002R since I installed Sibelius 6.2

Hi everyone !
It seems like there is something I have never encountered before in launching PT LE while Sibelius 6.2 is running on the same computer. I noticed that Digi 002R MIDI interface doesn't launch while Sibelius is running on my computer. My controller is plugged to one of the MIDI in sockets on 002R. For some reason when I launch Pro Tools, the MIDI portion of 002R fails to launch along with the audio. Another words: in the MIDI studio 002R icon is grey.
The only solution I found is to quit Sibelius, quit Pro Tools, and re-launch Pro Tools again. Than MIDI interface of 002R launches fine.
It seems like the running Sibelius is "taking over" MIDI from PT.
My question is: is it possible to have Pro Tools and Sibelius running at the same time on the same computer with fully functioning MIDI within PT ?
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