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Default why won\'t my edit window scroll during playback?

Ever since I reloaded PT 6.4 due to other as of yet unresolved problems, I have to manualy scroll through my edit window during playback -- more than mildly annoying. I went into preferences- display and the appropriate box was checked. Any thoughts?

Also I don't know if anyone can help with this, but here goes. My system in an A-Open AX4G-N, Intel P4 1.7GHz, 512 ram, Intel 845G chipset and an additional 120G harddrive. I'm looking to speed things up due to CPU issues so, I went into my A-Open literature and it said that the 478 pin socket supports Intel Pentium 4 1.4~2.4GHz + cpu. Does anyone have any idea what "+" means? I have the vauge idea that it may mean that at the time that the thing was printed that that was what they supported. In my PC Wizard it also said under upgrade status: "2.4GHz(at least)". If 2.4 is the max for my system, is it worth it to upgrade? Will it make much difference? Is there anything else I might think about? I went to the AOpen site which was as useless as they get and spent way too much time searching boards. Please Help. I just want to record.

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