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Default Re: Share some tips and tricks for mixing TV!

don't smash the crap out of stuff!! it sound terrible, it is hard on the ears and does not translate well to TV -- they are going to smash it more. leave it dynamic, but have a high average level....this will ultimate sound louder anyway.

i would be careful in your use of Maxim. to me, it has a nasty upper mid boost that will get even nastier after the broadcast chain.

Hi minister! Great to recieve an answer from you, I always read your posts.
So, what is your average gain reduction when mixing a documentary-style of program? Do you use several compressors, ore just one on the master?

How do you work with keeping the levels correct to the specs, like dialogue from -18 to -10?

I know that I sometimes tend to smash things up a bit while tryin to make every dialogue audible.
Did a documentary series about hockeplayers this spring. That was hard, dealing with all the sudden transients of the hockey arena and most of all, the sounds from the skates.
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