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Default Re: Crashing on startup with 10.14.5

I don't use PT much any more, but in the past when I had problems like that in v10 it was usually plugin related. Removing some of the plugins would eventually make the problem go away, but I can't say I was very scientific about it. If you've added any new plugins recently that would be a good place to start.

Could PT 2019 have installed some new plugs, or updated some of the old ones?

Originally Posted by hellatall View Post
Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. . . Been using PT for over a decade on various machines, versions, and OS's.

Installed 2019.5 on a 2019 MBPro running 10.14.5 today, cloud authorized via iLok, and I can't even get to the initial Avid screen.

Only 3rd party plug-ins are FF's Pro Q3, Xfer's Serum, and Output's Arcade.

Trashed all prefs (not that I had even created any) via PT Prefs. Re-started.

Same... icon bounces for a couple seconds and then "Pro Tools quit unexpectedly". . .

What totally bone-headed thing am I missing?
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