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Default Building a new rig! Need help badly!

So i came across a couple of sweetheart deals. I was able to get a Mac Pro 1,1 updated to OS 10.7 in nearly perfect condition (for a 15 year old cpu anyway) In addition to that, i was also able to find a PT10 Hd license for sale as well with transfer. I got all of that for right at $300.
So, my questions are, what HD cards do i need to get to get the best bang for my buck?
I don’t know very much about the HD cards aside from the original TDM Core and Accel cards I’ve had since this stuff was brand new in 2006. Lol I’m 100% sure whatever i get I’m gonna run with two 192 interfaces i also already have, as well as I’m gonna be looking to buy a C24 (mostly because I’m so familiar with that combination as I’ve been using them since i first started on an original Control24 and upgraded when the C24 came out)
I’m particularly lost on the differences on the cards. When i first did all of this stuff, i just went to guitar center and had the guy tell me what all i needed and threw money at the situation. I can’t teally afford to do that these days. So i turn to you guys who are definitely smarter than me to figure it all out. Any help would be appreciated.
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