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Default Re: Digi 002 Rack in stand alone

As has been said a hundred times(not in this thread, but trust me), even if it does work, I've never met anyone that called the 002 better than an "adequate" sounding unit. The Behringer ADA8200(the red one with Midas-designed preamps) will sound significantly better. If you don't mind spending more money for a major uptick in quality, look at the Midas XL48 or the Audient AD800(I think that's the model). Old Adat's are no better than the 002. Yes, I realize plenty of hits were done on those things, but technology has passed them by(and they will doubtfully ever be prized for there "vintage" sound.....)

Whatever you use, make sure you clock the system correctly or your audio will be full of clicks and pops....
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