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Default Re: Wave Rider - Automatic Vocal Rides!!!

Yeah guys, I'm an impatient LOOSER, I didn't read the "Installation and Setup Guide" - JUST the operational manual.

Once set up properly, it seems to be functioning - Considering I've posted 2 videos of it NOT working... HERES A MOVIE OF IT SET UP AND WORKING in PT HD 8

Still a bit of a Bug to have it completely Disable Pro-Tools if it's inserted, before it's set up as a Controller. Nevertheless, MY bad, I missed the most important part of your documentation.

"Installation and Setup" - "To ME", implies how to set up the software, what directory to choose, make sure Pro-Tools is closed ect.... you might want to consolidate all that info into 1 pdf document, for A.D.D people like me. - it might avoid alot of stupid "Hey this thing doesn't work" like my earlier posts.

Nevertheless, I'm playing with it as we speak - I'll let you know what I think.

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